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DCC is Temporarily Closed

In the absence of physical meetings at the club, we are offering information about  online/phone meetings. Those can be found under the Meetings menu. We realize these are challenging times for everyone especially those of us with addiction issues, however technology makes it possible to still connect to each other and stay clean, sober and healthy in recovery. We are so grateful for your support and now you can still support the club and practice the 7th Tradition at virtual meetings through Venmo, our ID is @DupontCircleClub. More information can be found under News & Events

Below is the latest update from the DCC Board of Trustees.

June 20, 2020

Dear members and friends of the Dupont Circle Club,

As you know, Mayor Bowser will have the District enter Phase II on June 22. When this thing began back in March — more than three months ago — we never thought it would last this long.

Thanks to your support, we’re still in business. We’re working hard to meet your fellowship needs, and to meet you where you are.

Over 150 of you responded to our survey, and an overwhelming number of you want us to wait to open the Club until Phase III or longer. We remain committed to only opening when it’s safe for you to attend.

Your suggestions of how to make it work show your care and commitment to the Club.

Here’s some of your ideas for when we do open:

  • Remove chairs to enforce social distancing
  • Have meetings be first come, first served
  • Do away with beverage service to protect monitors
  • Don’t hold hands and don’t pass chips
  • Keep supporting virtual meetings in any way we can

You are deeply divided by contact tracing, as are we. How can we make this District mandate work in a Club where anonymous groups meet?

And finally, we will mandate masks for entry with your full support. We will also have masks available for purchase.

One of the most innovative suggestions was to host just speakers at the club throughout the day and show them on Zoom. What do you think? Send me an email at

Without the ability to pass the basket in the Club, we are having trouble meeting monthly expenses. We have a prudent reserve, but we aren’t sure how long that money has to last. Also, not all groups are paying rent since they’re not meeting at the Club.

Individuals can donate as little as $5 monthly and it still helps. Go to Donate to help. At this time, our monthly expenses are more than what our regularly scheduled monthly donations are. If you want to give right now, use @DupontCircleClub on your Venmo app.

With your assistance, we will get through this and be poised to open again as soon as feasible. Please be sure to sign up to get emails from us, and also check back at our website frequently

Your Board of Directors is here to serve you.

Cheryl M – President

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All contributions made to the Dupont  Circle Club are fully tax-deductible, and will help us keep the doors open to the many hundreds of people who rely on the Club for their recovery.

Remember– DCC is a  501 (c) 3 non-profit organization so all donations to the club are tax deductible!