Dupont Circle Club

DCC is reopening June 11th, 2021

In the absence of physical meetings at the club, we are offering information about  online/phone meetings. Those can be found under the Meetings menu. We realize these are challenging times for everyone especially those of us with addiction issues, however technology makes it possible to still connect to each other and stay clean, sober and healthy in recovery. We are so grateful for your support and now you can still support the club and practice the 7th Tradition at virtual meetings through Venmo, our ID is @DupontCircleClub. We also take donations through CashApp, our handle is $dupontcircleclub. More information can be found under News & Events


Come back to DCC to Renew, Reconnect and be Refreshed in Recovery starting June 11th

June 8th, 2021

Dear Recovery family-

This week is a very exciting time for all of us! Finally, after nearly 15 months of being completely closed, The Dupont Circle Club will once again reopen our doors and welcome you all back to our recovery home. We know for so many this has been a challenging time and, at the same time, we have been so amazed to see newcomers find recovery through virtual recovery meetings. Zoom has become an amazing part of our recovery toolbox and we are so grateful to have welcomed friends from around the world to these virtual meetings at DCC. Now, as we open our physical doors, we want to ensure that everyone has a safe place for recovery… in person and online. Below, we have listed the meetings that have confirmed they will return to in person meetings starting our first day open, June 11th, 2021. We also will continue to host the online Zoom meetings for the foreseeable future as long as we see a need for them. The list below is the most current information we have. If you do not see your normal meeting listed, please contact our club manager at to ensure it is registered so we can properly list it. We want the most accurate information possible, so we don’t have a newcomer show up for a meeting that is not going to happen. Below you will also find the Dupont Circle Club’s reopening safety guidance. We hope it will give some clarity and comfort to those who will be joining us the first few weeks.We can’t wait to see you all this Friday, until then please stay safe.

In service,

The Dupont Circle Club Board of Directors.

Monday – Friday                                                        June 16,2021

7:30am AA (chip meeting) – Milton J. room

9:30 am AA (“The 9:30 Club”) – Milton J. room

12:00 noon AA – Milton J. room

12:00 noon NA) – Middle room

3:00 pm AA – Milton J. room           

4:30 pm AA – Milton J. room

6:00 pm AA – Milton J. room     *Tuesday & Friday- Middle room

8:30 pm AA – Milton J. room

Tuesday (in addition to the M-F Schedule)

7:15 pm CMA – (step) – Sun room – Hybrid Meeting

8:30 pm NA – Milton J. room – Hybrid

Wednesday  (in addition to the M-F Schedule)

7:15 pm MA – Middle J. room

Friday (in addition to the M-F Schedule)

6:00 pm AA – (women’s meeting) – Milton J. room. *Start date TBA*


8:30 am AA (chip meeting) – Milton J. room

10:00 am ACOA (90 min) – Middle room

10:30 am AA (Men’s Rap) – Milton J. room – Hybrid

12:00 noon AA (chip meeting) – Milton J. room

4:00 pm AA (closed dual diagnosis) –Middle room  

4:30 pm AA – Milton J. room

6:00 pm AA – Middle room

7:15 pm AA  (11th step / meditation meeting) – Middle room

7:15 pm CMA – Milton J. room – Hybrid 

8:30 pm AA (anniversary/speaker) – Milton J. room


8:30 am AA (chip meeting) – Milton J. room

10:00 am AA (women’s step and traditions) – Middle room  *Start date TBA*

10:30 am AA  (Speaker/discussion) – Milton J. room

12:00 noon AA (chip meeting) – Milton J. room

12:00 noon NA – Middle room

4:30 pm AA – Milton J. room

6:00 pm AA – Middle room – Hybrid

7:15 pm MA – Middle room.   *To begin 6/27/21

8:30 pm AA – Milton J. room

8:30 pm AA– Middle room (closed Men’s meeting) 

                     “The Great Fact”           

Reopening General Operations and Safety Guidance for June 11th, 2021.


What is the mask policy?

Out of an abundance of caution we kindly request that attendees please help the community stay safe by wearing our masks for a little longer. Currently the population of DC is only 47% fully vaccinated. We request that attendees please continue to wear their masks until July 15th to allow for more people to safely receive the full benefits of the vaccine. We will revisit the mask guidelines on July 15th and hopefully can reduce our need to wear them. Thank you for understanding.

Physical distancing:

There will be no restrictions on capacity at DCC and thus no physical distancing required.

Physical contact:

Please be mindful of physical contact:

Out of an abundance of caution, we would encourage meetings not to hold hands during the Serenity Prayer. If desired touching elbows or holding shoulders might be preferable. (This is a personal preference and there is no penalty from the club for individual preference.)

How often will The Dupont Circle Club be cleaned?

Our Club Management will be cleaning the space several times a day, in the morning and afternoons, including all commonly touched surfaces, such as door knobs, chairs, light switches, etc.

What about the bathroom?

We have two bathrooms at the club with sinks (soap and water.) Please make sure to wash hands as directed by the CDC to prevent disease. We will have sanitizer available in the Club for extra measure, but you might think about bringing your own and / or sanitizing wipes if that is important to you.

Eating or drinking at DCC:

Beverage consumption is allowed if needed but please try to keep your mask on as much as possible. We understand this is a challenge but again we want to be extra cautious.

Hand Sanitizer and additional masks:

Hand sanitizer will be provided by The Dupont Circle Club and is stationed throughout the club in various locations. Also the club has additional masks for anyone who does not have one or needs a replacement free of charge.

What about room ventilation?

All three meeting rooms at the club now have high quality HEPA Air purification machines in them. They are quiet and efficient at cleaning and circulating the air. In addition, the windows in both the Milton J (Large room) and the Middle Room, have been fitted with new outtake fans to circulate fresh air. The combination of these two machines should help reduce any airborne particulates and keep everyone in the club breathing fresh, clean air.

What will you do about literature?

As meetings are erring on the side of caution, some of the suggested best practices are:

Have people read from electronic copies of the literature Have one person read from a physical copy of the literature before opening the meeting for sharing

Or bring your own literature.

(Club literature is still available if needed but the options above are preferable.)

What format will the meetings look like?

The meeting format is up to each meeting group to decide. Here are a few options.

• Fully in-person without reliance on technology

• Fully on Zoom for now, without an in-person component

• Hybrid meetings where there is a Zoom connection between those at home and the DCC where their counterparts are meeting in person. (The group must supply all of their own technology.)

If the group decides to go hybrid, please be mindful of the anonymity of those who do not want to be on camera.

Will the meeting be cashless, or will DCC still accept cash?

The Dupont Circle Club will still accept cash however, digital donations are still highly welcomed. Donations via Venmo (@DupontCircleClub) and Cash App ($DupontCircleClub) are greatly appreciated. QR codes will be placed around the club to make it easier to make these digital donations. The club will also continue to take checks.

What if I don’t feel safe returning to The Dupont Circle Club yet?

If you don’t feel comfortable, please do not force yourself to come in person. Instead, please stay connected to the Zoom meetings hosted by The Dupont Circle Club. Zoom meetings are likely to be part of our recovery toolbox and stay for the longer term. DCC will continue to host these meetings for at least 6 months, and most likely longer if people still attend them.

The Club will be providing WiFi service for all meetings that choose to utilize a hybrid format.

*Enforcement– Some people have asked who will enforce the mask requests. For complete clarification, no one will be removed from The Dupont Circle Club for not wearing a mask. It is our hope that everyone will want to wear a mask to help the community but it is not required. Also we have been asked if we will require proof of vaccination to eventually remove our masks. The short answer is no. The program of recovery is a program of honesty. So we will not ask for proof of your vaccination status. However, The Dupont Circle Club does reserve the right to test temperatures (no contact) at any time if the need arises.

In Service,The Dupont Circle Board of Directors

P.S.- We want to give a very special thank you to the Triangle Club board for allowing us to use this very well crafted Q & A form. We understand that having clear, concise answers to important questions like these are vital to a smooth and successful reopening. We can’t thank the Triangle Club enough for assisting DCC in getting out a clear message about our safety guidelines.

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