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St. Patrick’s Day Celebration!

The St. Patrick’s Day Celebration has been cancelled.

NEW AA/ACA Meeting Starts March 18th!

Wednesdays 6pm in the Middle Room

We will read and share from the Red Book and have leads for open discussions. Please join us to find out more and spread the word.

This could be the special sauce your program needs!

Fellowship Friday Nights @ DCC!!

Come together with clean and sober friends to have fellowship, games, music and fun!!! The night gets started after the 8:30pm AA meeting and runs from 9:30pm-11:30pm! Please come on out and see just how fun recovery can be!! And why not bring a newcomer too! There is so much to enjoy since getting clean and sober, let’s celebrate together!!  Thanks and see you at the Party!

All are welcome!

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