Dupont Circle Club


Dupont Circle Club 12 Rules of Conduct

  1. No drugs or alcohol are permitted on the premises.

  2. No smoking is permitted anywhere on the Club premises, including the patio. (including e-cigarettes)

  3. No panhandling, gambling, loitering, or shelter-seeking behavior (intentionally sleeping) is permitted in the Club.

  4. Abusive language generally directed at the group or other disruptive behavior is prohibited at all times. Profanity is discouraged in order to promote a respectful environment.

  5. No discrimination of any kind will be tolerated.

  6. Any violation of the law is considered a violation of the Club rules and our Mission. No weapons, guns, knives, fighting, threatening or intimidating behavior, vandalism, criminal or illegal activity (including theft) is permitted in the Club.

  7. No consensual sexual conduct is permitted in the Club. (Sexual assault, see Rule 8)

  8. No kind of harassment will be tolerated! Targeted sexual, physical, verbal, or emotional harassment, (including sexual assault and/or bullying) will result in being banned from DCC.

  9. No animals or pets of any kind, except service animals, are allowed in the Club.

  10. No bicycles are allowed in the Club.

  11. All children must be supervised by a parent or custodial adult.

  12. Personal belongings may not be intentionally left or stored anywhere in the Club. The Club will not be held responsible for the loss of any property in the Club.

Violation of Club Rules: Reporting, Warnings/Removal, Banning, Reinstatement

It is the Dupont Circle Club’s Mission to provide a clean, safe, and respectful environment for our Members and guests to recover through Twelve Step fellowships.

  • Reporting Violations: Club members should report disruptive incidents and violations of the 12 Rules of Conduct to the Monitor or by email at

  • Warnings & Removal: The Manager, a Board Member, or an on-duty Assistant Manager or Monitor has the authority, at his/her discretion, to enforce these Rules, issue Warnings and may require an individual to leave the Club at any time should they deem it necessary.

  • Banning: The Manager or any Board Member may immediately and unilaterally ban an individual from using Club facilities for up to three months. Any ban longer than three months must be approved by the Dupont Circle Club board of directors. Extremely high severity violations may result in legally being barred from the Club for 5 years.

Reinstatement: Any individual who has been banned from the Club and wishes to have their access privileges reinstated must write a letter to the DCC Board explaining why he or she should be reinstated and receive approval in writing.


To report any inappropriate behavior please contact or 202-234-7837