Dupont Circle Club

Why I Give

If there is one thing I’ve learned from my years in recovery is that giving back to the community is essential to the survival of any 12 Step Program.  We learn to give back by sharing in meetings, talking to someone else in recovery, service work for the group, and if possible, contributing a couple dollars at half time.

I use to drink away my cash and I was barely employable when I drank.  Now, because of AA, I feel that I have won the lottery.  I’ve hit the jackpot because I am a responsible, productive, and stable adult in my community.  I’m able to contribute something positive and when I can I try to help another person in recovery.  By paying Membership Dues to DCC I feel that I am participating in the efforts to make sure meetings happen for all, especially for those that can not afford to financially support the club.

If everyone would donate just a little of what they have gained from their recovery, DCC will last another 25 years and then we can all continue to “keep coming back!”

– Ben R.

I had been to the Dupont Circle Club several times before, but when I arrived last Thanksgiving, I was at a very low point. I had relapsed and was in despair. I went to an early meeting, but was too embarrassed to share my experience. Afterward, I asked the manager at DCC if there was anyone I could talk to and he kindly introduced me to a nice woman. We talked for an hour and she was very kind and accepting. I left with renewed hope and determination. Today, I go to several different meetings at DCC and feel comfort and support at all of them. I’m proud to support the club and the fellowship it does. It was there when I needed it so I will try to make sure that happens for others too. As I heard at one meeting, “We do not shoot our wounded, we help them.” Together with others at DCC, I am trying to follow that motto.

– Mary L.

I don’t feel closer to people nor more comfortable being truly honest than in the rooms of DCC. In the rooms we say that we are people who wouldn’t normally mix! I’ve found that to be true; I’ve also found that the people who are the most different from me on the outside are so very similar to me on the inside. I found my NA sponsor at DCC, and found true freedom not just from the tug of addiction, but also from character traits that were making me miserable. I am grateful to give back so others may have the chance for an experience similar to my own. Like they say “Let it begin with me”.

Carrie A.