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The Clipboard: June 5, 2020

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Zoom Safety Tips

This month’s clipboard is all about Zoom safety. Follow these tips to prevent Zoom “bombings!” If you need to use DCC’s Zoom account and/or consult with a Board member about safety, email

Zoom Security Information from WAIA

Remove Participant

Zoom 5.0 allows hosts and co-hosts to remove participants. Train your trusted servants on how to do this quickly. 


Spiritual Bouncer

Create a new service position to serve as a “Spiritual Boucer” or “Troll Patrol.” Make sure they are a co-host and can silence and remove participants. 


Enable “mute all.” Top-level security would be to ensure participants cannot un-mute themselves. Only hosts and co-hosts can unmute. 

Screen Sharing

Disable all screen sharing. Alternatively, choose to only allow host to screen-share.

On Zoom Accounts

In our experience, these settings and best practices work best if the chair of the meeting or meeting “host” signs in to Zoom using the shared group meeting account, rather than their personal account. This preserves the group’s settings and prevents hiccups. 

The Group Conscience

Ultimately, each group will have to weigh the risks and rewards of these security measures. Using a password, keeping members on mute, and other safety features may make participation in meetings more difficult. It’s up to each group’s conscience to decide their threshold comfort-level between security and availability to those in need, including the newcomer. 

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